In Memory of Scott Howard Davis
On 10 November 2003, Scott
would turn 40 years of age.  
Unfortunately, Scottie passed
away at the young age of 22.  It
was a tragic event the day he
passed away and it has been
difficult for his family and
friends to comprehend... still to
this day.

This page is to celebrate his
short life and to let him know
that we love him and still miss

We have moved on with our
lives but we will never forget
that sweet young boy that
turned into such a wonderful
young man.

We love you Scottie & we miss
Take good care of Mom & Dad.
It seems where ever I go,
People come into my life
Or go out of it...leaving me
Only a memory, touching me
Where I can feel it and
I wasn't through knowing them

How do I halt my life to gather
And keep those around me that
I've known and loved?
How do I know I am seeing you
For the last time?
And how do you keep fairy tales
From losing their magic?

And so ends an exciting chapter
Of our lives, but also begins another chapter.
And though we must part,
We know we can always return to keep
Fondly through the gold bound leaves
Of our memory.

For fairy tales are the happiest
Stories we read,
And good books are made of little chapters.
There remains so much to say,
Yet nothing that really needs saying,
You already know.

Forgive the tears... they are only bits
of selfishness that can be contained no
I only wish to keep you a little longer,
Within the boundaries of my immediate life.

And so thank you for
touching my life
For letting me know you
And love you...

                                 Author Unknown